The Rules
There will be no divisional split this year.


1. The game played will be STAPLEFORD

2. All players will play off their FULL handicap (max. of 27)

3. We MAY ( to be notified on the day ) allow placing on the FAIRWAY ONLY.

4. On the 1st tee players will tee off in handicap order, lowest first. On subsequent tees this order can be changed if agreed by all 4 players.

5. The scoring will be as follows:-
    Net Bogey    - 1 point
    Net PAR      - 2 points
    Net Birdie     - 3 points
    Net Eagle      - 4 points
    Net Albatross - 5 points (the almost impossible)

6. There will be prizes will be as follows:
   Overall winner
   2nd place
   3rd place
   Sports man award, 1closest to pin and 1longest drive.

   On hole 13 (Maundy Thursday Society)
To become eligible the ball must be the First tee shot from that player (not provisional)
The ball must be on the green.
A record sheet and measuring tape will be held within a plastic wallet just off the green (rub-of-the green if you hit it). The first group to hit green will have their best shot registered on the scoresheet. Following groups will only need to register shots within the current best.

   On hole 12 (Maundy Thursday Society)
The first group out will leave a marker stick on the fairway at the place where the longest drive from comes to rest.
To become eligible the ball must be on the fairway.
Subsequent groups can register better drives on the associated scorecard within the plastic
wallet. This wallet will be considered to be part of the fairway.

  Please respect their dress code, etiquette, and any local rules.
  Also, if you cannot score please PICK-UP and carry on.
  We do not want to hold anyone up nor spoil anyones' game.

The presentation will be at the Malt Shovel Pub, Great Barr.