The Pictures 2002
Group 4
Group 5
Group 5
Group 7
Group 8
Group 9
The Champ (Tom Pickering)
Division 1 Winner
Division 1 Runner Up

Mike Farrell

Ian Stanley
Division 2 Winner
Division 2 Runner Up
Ian Maybury

Peter Poolton
Closest to PIN on Hole 3
Closest to PIN on Hole 11

Kevin Hinks

Richard Colley
Longest drive on 13

Longest drive on 18

Martin Hadley

Mo Patel
The Sports man award ( This is given to the person who try their hardest but still come last) -- This is the purpose of the society (NO, Not come last ????), but to introduce new people to the wonderful game of golf.

Tom O'Malley (4 out of 5 yrs - now banned from this award!!!)

The first lady Sarah Mansell
Thanks to Dave Stochwin + Shay Rathod for the pictures
Misc pictures